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Deluxe Eco Expansion Retreat Gift Box

Packed with products perfect for traveling, this retreat box offers natural, sustainable, vegan and plastic free versions of everyday toiletries.

All of the products are carefully selected and thoughtfully handmade in England. Unwind and relax with their calming and fresh scents while feeling good about the fact that they just as, if not more effective than the versions available in the supermarket, without the harsh chemicals and plastic packaging.

What is included?

  • Green Skye Shampoo Bar- Currently exclusive to the retreat gift boxes. Gently scented with peppermint, it applies a thick lather when gently massaged into the hair.
  • Green Skye Deodorant- This tea tree and peppermint all natural deodorant comes in a glass jar and will leave you smelling fresh all day. Simply scoop a pea sized amount and apply to your underarms.
  • Green Skye Facial Cleanser & Makeup Remover- With pink tapioca pearls to aid in exfoliation, this cleanser bar effortlessly removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. Just massage the bar onto your face and wipe away with the bamboo cloth for gorgeous skin.
  • Bamboo Face Cloth- Soft and biodegradable, this cloth easily polishes away the cleanser, gently exfoliating your skin.
  • Grapefruit And Sweet Orange Glycerine Soap- The perfect alternative to plastic bottles of bodywash. Fresh, sweet and citrussy, you will be left clean and smelling great. Handmade, vegan and natural.
  • Sisal Soap Pouch- Place your bar of soap into the pouch to create an exfoliating and bubbly shower experience. Natural and biodegradable.
  • Lime, Basil & Mandarin Candle- A beautifully scented soy wax candle handcrafted in Cornwall. Earth Candle Co. plant 1 tree for every candle sold. The scent is fresh, bright and citrussy and perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Natural Beachwood Toothbrush- A sustainable alternative to a plastic toothbrush. Long lasting and eco-consciously made.
  • 125 EcoVibe Toothpaste Tablets- Simply chew one tablet and then brush as normal. Cleans your teeth effectively without the plastic tube. Compostable packaging, vegan and made in the UK.
  • 125 EcoVibe Dissolvable Mouthwash Tablets- Drop a tablet into 10ml of water and wait 1 minute for it to dissolve and then use as traditional mouthwash. The perfect mouthwash for traveling. Compostable, vegan, UK made and plastic free!

I hope that you enjoy your retreat in Sweden and that it leaves you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and replenished!


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